Saying Farewell to Flashback

It’s about time I make a new post. It’s also about time I finally say it, finalize it, and come to accept the truth.

Flashback was a failure.

It started out well. In fact, it had nothing to do with my own inability to program specific features that I wanted, and that was the issue right there. I kept adding new features to it such as the level editor, the platforming levels, and the minigames that weren’t actually revealed. I spent so much time using the engine to create new bonus features for the game that I never finished programming the actual story levels. Bugs piled up since I would encounter one and move on to a new part of the game instead of taking the time to deal with it then and there. After a while, I lost my motivation to make it since my code was such a mess. I spent more time programming achievements, statistics, platforming levels, and the level editor than I did designing the actual story levels.

I overstepped my limits, and I paid the price for it.

I stopped programming seriously for a year, only making a random application here and there (see Everyone Hates Me), none of which could actually be called games (again, see previous advice). I’ve regained my motivation finally, and I’ve started working on a game. I’m not going to reveal any of it for the time being, though, so that I force myself to keep working on it until I finish it and can give it to everyone. Suffice to say, I’ve learned from my previous mistakes, both in terms of gameplay (Hindsight) and broadening the scope too much (Flashback). The new game is being created using parts of the Flashback engine, but I’m making sure that I take care of each issue as it appears, and even though I keep thinking of new ideas, I have been setting them aside to add after I finish the main part of the game.

Hopefully I will be able to finally release a new game after three years of effective silence.

Nathan Wood / turboRamble