Title: Paperfest (incomplete minigame)
 Release Date: 8/25/2009
 Genre: Arcade Shooter
 Awards: None
 Reviews: None
 Download: MediafireBoxYoYoGames

Paperfest was originally a minigame that I created shortly after releasing 2020. It was put in the zipped folder along with 2020 and you had to download the game in order to play it (from YoYoGames, that is). Shortly afterwards I separated it and made it into a standalone game, though it is definitely far from finished and likely never will be. Because it is a very confusing game, the controls are listed below.

  • Left Mouse Button — attract the player objects to you (attached by the lines)
  • Right Mouse Button — shoot (the game auto-aims for you)

Also, because of the massive number of particles and effects that I used, the game will lag like crazy if you don’t have a fast computer. Just a note of warning.


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