Title: Hindsight
 Release Date: 7/1/2010
 Genre: Puzzle Platformer
 Awards: Best of Casual Gameplay 2011
 Reviews: JayIsGames Weekend DownloadGM Indie Issue #7
 Download: MediafireBoxGameJoltYoYoGames


Hindsight is a puzzle platform game, all based off of the design of one level. Are there sixty levels, twenty, ten, or is there only one? You will need to find out by playing the game yourself! The game was programmed and designed over the course of seven days for the Experimental Gameplay Project’s “Casual Addiction” competition and placed eighth out of thirty entries. Also, a “Let’s Play” was done for the game and uploaded to YouTube (if anyone knows German, go ahead and look it up). Shortly after, it received 4.6/5 stars in GM Indie Issue #7. It then found itself on the Weekend Download for JayIsGames, and later it placed 4th Best Indie Platform Game in 2011 by JayIsGames.


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