Title: Capsule
 Release Date: 1/2/2009
 Genre: Platformer
 Awards: None
 Reviews: None
 Download: MediafireBoxYoYoGames

Capsule is a platform game that I programmed in December of 2008 for YoYoGames’ Competition 4, “Save the World.” It can’t be called anything other than a platformer, except possibly “action platformer” (though let’s be real, there’s very little action). You need to collect all of the orbs before the level exit will appear, then you must jump to the end in order to advance to the next level. The story is pretty much nonexistent and the bosses are a little random, but it is a fun little game that has thirty levels, with thirteen of them being co-op levels and three of them being boss levels. Go ahead, give it a try.


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