Hello, my name is Nathan Wood and I’m a 19-year-old programmer and artist from Connecticut. I try to create unique games that are memorable, elegant, and addicting (thought I haven’t really released anything that would qualify under that). I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree in computer science at SUNY Stony Brook. I started ‘programming’ originally by using the drag and drop function of Game Maker 7 Lite in the summer of 2008. Before publishing my first game, I bought Game Maker 7 Pro in October of 2008. I then released a few games, which the majority of them no longer exist on my  hard drives due to multiple crashes, or on the internet because I no longer wish to have them representing me.

After starting literally hundreds of games and then giving up on them, either due to my inability to program the game the way I wanted it to be, or because I just got lazy, I finally came out with a successful game. In June of 2010 I programmed a game I titled “Hindsight” for the Experimental Gameplay Project, a monthly competition where you need to program a game in the span of seven days with a certain theme. The theme for that June was “Casual Addiction,” and I’m not sure how casual Hindsight really was, but according to many it was addictive. I honestly no longer care for it myself, but that’s probably due to three things — first, I had to test it a hundred times as the creator; second, I hate the trial and error element that exists; and third, I’m a perfectionist and looking back at it I see so many flaws in the programming, the story, and the gameplay, to name a few. However, it did get featured on a few websites including the huge game review website JayIsGames. Even better, though, was that it placed fourth in the “Best of Casual Gameplay 2011” for indie platform games, with large titles such as CaveStory+ beating it.


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  1. CyberGuy says:

    I already have your IP address… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    Great site Nathan 🙂 Keep up the good work

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