I figured I’d throw up the change log for Flashback. It’s a little messy and random because I just add things as I go mainly as a reference and as a way to see that stuff is actually getting done. Anyway, it includes the dates and alpha versions and all that, so knock yourself out if you’re actually interested in this kind of stuff.

Edit: Yeah, WordPress refuses to show tabs, so you can download the full .txt file if you want by clicking here.

Alpha v1.13
3 / 30 / 12

-Added a nice lighting effect to the game for levels that open up to the sky
-Changed the deactivated robots so they cannot kill the player, as per request
-Added a new introduction level
-Changed the tutorial guy so that when he reached the max speed he would look
-like he was running, just like the player.
-Changed one of the choice levels so that you have to do it the harder way
-Added another level to the first level set
-Greatly increased the run speed of player created levels by reducing the
-number of instances in the room.
-Updated the first choice level, making it more obvious that one is light and
-the other is darkness.
-Added two new levels; one being a transition back into the tutorial
-Changed it so you now meet the tutorial guy in the introduction level
-Added a transition level from the first tutorial to the first set of choice
-levels. The tutorial guy opts to stay behind, now.
-Optimized the script for animating the player to make it work better with skins
-Greatly increased the run speed of all the levels by reducing the number of
-active instances in each room by ~500, making the game run around 40
-FPS on older computers and a constant 60 on newer ones.
-Changed the move speed of the player and all NPC’s so it has a much better feel
-on faster computers and is much less twitchy.
-Made the particles look better
-Made the player die if he exits the room to the left, right, or bottom
-Added spikes to the level editor
-Added the option to enable/disable double jumping, resetting other instances,
-and resetting yourself to the level editor.
-Made the level editor show the angle that the current object will be placed if
-created in the current location.
-Greatly improved the level editor’s UI
-Added the ability to place decor objects over other objects in the level editor
-Changed it so you can only see the mouse when debugging or editing levels
-Added variable jumping as an option to the level editor
-Changed the object selector so you can now scroll from the bottom to the top
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed the story text so it would appear after the tutorial finishes
-Fixed a bug where you would always end up in the top levels even if you
-chose the lower levels.
-Fixed a bug with the object selection text in the level editor
-Fixed a bug where the player could float if he tried crouching while walking
-Fixed a bug with the tutorial guy in the first room where he would stop
-Fixed a bug where the player could recieve deaths by hitting lasers in player
-created levels.
-Fixed a bug where deactivated enemies could fall through the floor
-Fixed a bug with one of the tutorial levels where the guide got stuck
-Fixed the light in the first cutscene so that it is centered properly
-Fixed a bug where the level editor would go crazy if it tried loading a level
-on startup and it no longer existed.
-Fixed a bug where the object you’re using LMB + Ctrl on to drag around wouldn’t
-update its angle until you let go of it.
-Fixed various small bugs with the level editor
-Fixed a bug where deactivated enemies wouldn’t be able to press buttons
-Fixed a bug with the achievement for having walked over 2500 feet
-Fixed a bug where stones and boxes would suddenly stop moving if you turned
-Fixed a bug where if you tried dragging spikes it wouldn’t let you do anything
-at all afterwards.

Alpha v1.12
3 / 20 / 12

———–Changed the second set of story text to a different level
———–Moved the level that originally had the second set of story to a later part
———–Added a challenging level to the first normal level set
———–Added 4 more endings to the game
———–Created a new set of levels based on the user’s choice of light or darkness
———–Improved the level editor in several barely noticeable ways
Bug Fixes:
———–Fixed various small bugs with the level editor
———–Fixed a bug where you could get the achievement for getting crushed by a stone
——————–by dying to an enemy instead.

Alpha v1.11
3 / 17 / 12

———–Created a full menu for the level editor
———–Reworked several of the keyboard shortcuts for the level editor
———–Added the filename to the room caption in the level editor
———–Added a * before the filename if it hasn’t been saved since the last changes
Bug Fixes:
———–Fixed numerous bugs with the level editor

Alpha v1.10
3 / 9 / 12

———–Added a fully functional level editor. Scroll with the mouse wheel up and down
——————–in order to change the selection. In the next update there will be a menu
——————–for all the objects, plus settings and keyboard shortcut explanations.
Bug Fixes:
———–Fixed a bug where you could not reset enemies properly that had been
——————–deactivated and then reactivated.

Alpha v1.09
3 / 7 / 12

———–Added the stat that tracks the amount of time you have played the game for
———–Added an introduction level that starts off the story
———–Changed the first tutorial level so he no longer teaches you how to walk
———–Reworked the doors for exiting and entering each level
———–Changed the tutorial guy so that he actually follows you from level to level
———–Created 4 possible endings for the game (what you do changes the game)
——————–1. Never letting the tutorial guy die even once
——————–2. Resetting the tutorial guy when he dies so he is able to follow you
——————–3. Letting the tutorial guy die
——————–4. Leaving the tutorial guy behind
———–Added a new puzzle for the second main story level (playable after the basic
——————–tutorial is complete).
———–Added a second game mode, where all the puzzle elements are removed (F12)
———–Designed another story level, which is playable after the basic tutorial is done
———–Part of the puzzle for each level now is trying to make the tutorial guy survive
Bug Fixes:
———–Fixed numerous bugs with the tutorial guy

Alpha v1.08
3 / 5 / 12

———–Added the ability to destroy levers and consoles using lasers
———–Redesigned the tutorial, removing some tips and making the tutorial guy die
———–Made it so hitting Q and R would reset the tutorial guy as well
———–Added the ability to change how the game works—by resetting the tutorial guy
——————–before finishing the level where he dies, you save him and allow him to
——————–continue teaching you. Otherwise, you will have to go through the rest
——————–of the tutorial levels (basic and advanced) without his help.
———–Made it so that the stats now keep track of instances reset and the # of times
——————–you have reset yourself
———–Added stats that track the number of levers destroyed and more
———–Added additional levels (for the tutorial and story)
———–Scripted the achievements engine
———–You can now see the title and description of achievements when you get them
Bug Fixes:
———–Fixed a bug where disabled enemies wouldn’t be crushed by boxes
———–Fixed a bug where disabled enemies would create their ghost in the wrong spot
———–Fixed a bug where disabled enemies wouldn’t die using lasers
———–Fixed a bug where consoles wouldn’t be destroyed by lasers properly

Alpha v1.07
3 / 4 / 12

———–Created computer consoles, giving them the ability to power/disable enemies
———–Added the ability to destroy levers and consoles using boxes
———–Created the script for disabled enemies
———–Created this change log! ;D

-Nathan Wood


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