Once you beat every level in Flashback you get this achievement:

Took You Long Enough (beat every level, bonus content in level editor unlocked)

First off, I’d better explain — at the start of the game, you can only place three different objects in the level editor. The walls, the corner objects (just decoration), and the level entrance/exit. Once you complete the first tutorial you unlock the puzzle mechanics that were introduced in it, and the same goes for once you finish the second tutorial. However, as you can see from the above achievement, I decided to throw in some extra content that isn’t actually used in the levels (except for the collectible orbs, which will be included in this category simply because they have no where else to go).

So far I’ve only added spikes as an object and the options to enable/disable the ability to reset other objects, to reset yourself, and to double-jump. What I’m aiming to do with the bonus content is allow the player to use the engine to make more than just puzzles. I tightened up the controls a bit so that now it’s not that hard to make platforming levels; hence the spikes and double jumping. The other two options are there just in case you’d like to have a standard puzzle for whatever reason. I’m still working on adding more features, but for the time being that’s all.

One of the other unlockables I’d like to add is a minigame (though if I can think of more, I may add them). They will use the engine, but add one or two more features to turn it into either an arcade game or action game or something along those lines. Once these minigames are programmed and implemented, I may add the mechanics into the bonus section of the level editor as well. I already have a couple ideas, one of which I plan to program this Saturday during a four hour game jam. I’ll be streaming that, if any of you are interested and feel like stopping by. I will be posting the link to my stream both here on my blog and on my Twitter this Saturday. I will probably also work a little on Flashback during that time, and may show some of the gameplay.

Thanks for reading; I hope to see you all Saturday!
-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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