A few months back I had to write a poem for AP Language and Composition. I actually wrote it at a pretty bad time, because I had just gotten into a fight with my parents right before they left for the weekend. So, in turn, I was in a pretty bad mood when I first started writing the poem. To top it all off, my writings generally tend to be a little darker in nature, so my teacher had already requested that I lighten them up a little bit. Even as I wrote the first three lines of the poem I knew that it would get a pretty horrible grade. However, as the writing continued I began to see that the problem was really me. It resulted in the poem below, which is what you will see in Flashback if you choose the good path repeatedly—

I walked down,
Down I walked into the darkness;
Into the darkness I walked.

The two of us met there with determination.
We braced ourselves in body and mind
For yet another confrontation.
This was how our lives were defined.

This constant battle of wills was all that we knew.
You and I had our differences, but it was then
That I realized we had the same point of view.
This did not stop us though, once again.

I fought you,
We fought each other in the darkness;
In the darkness we fought.

This war is always raging on in our thoughts.
When I see you, I want to make you see
Every last one of your faults.
This anger controlling my life is the key.

Now I see that this is all one-sided.
My hate was not reflected
By you, and the thoughts were misguided.
This plea for forgiveness was never expected.

I fell flat,
Flat I fell to my knees in sorrow;
To my knees I fell flat.

I feel the regret of all these years lost to hate.
Our relationship could have been so much more
Than this empty shell caused by “fate.”
This was all because of my own internal war.

I no longer avoid your presence, nor you mine.
A new kind of relationship has been created
By the two of us, making our thoughts intertwine.
This is how our love was reinstated.

We sing together,
Together we sing free of hate at last;
Free of hate we sing together.

Last night, though, I realized that I would have to write multiple endings to the poem, due to the fact the game gives the player numerous choices in which path he/she wishes to take. I wrote a few dozen more lines last night, but they’re not quite polished yet, so I’ll post them in a week or so probably once they are.

Anyway, that poem did end up actually getting a really good grade. I came up with my own formatting for it and then stuck to it (having the three lined verses every few verses; the repetition; having the first and last line of each four lined verse be a statement with the two middle lines being enjambed; starting the fourth line with the word “this” each time). I do highly doubt it would have gotten a good grade if I submitted what I had to write last night if you choose the bad path, though.

Thanks for reading!
-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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