This is a video preview of the level editor I programmed for my game Flashback. All of the functions work — saving and loading an editable file, saving and playing a play-only level, testing, all the mechanics work, etc. A closed beta will be available within the next week; hit me up on Twitter (@turboRamble) if you’re interested in it.

Sorry there’s no sound or music or anything yet. The game has neither and I didn’t feel like a track over it, so just listen to whatever you like. Next video of the game will have some commentary explaining how some things work.

          Mouse Wheel Up and Down ———– Select an object to place

          Left Mouse Button Pressed ———— Place a single object
          Shift + Left Mouse Button ————– Create multiple objects
          Ctrl + Left Mouse Button ————— Move an object

          Right Mouse Button ——————– Delete multiple objects
          Ctrl + Right Mouse Button ———— See a menu for that object and type

          D ——————————————– Show/hide the information in bottom left

          Ctrl + N ———————————— Create a new level
          Ctrl + S ———————————— Save the level to the current file path
          Ctrl + Shift + S ————————— Save the level as a new save file
          Ctrl + O ———————————— Load a level
          F5 —————————————— Test the level


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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