I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to post this many times in only a few days, but I figure it’s better to post too much than not post at all for over a year, like what happened, right?


I thought I would announce the title of the game I’ve been working on for several months now. While the promotional image for the game is very much a work in progress, the title itself is here to stay. It hints not only at the main puzzle mechanic of the game, but also at the story itself. Flashback is a sequel of Hindsight only in that the stories are intertwined, and nothing more. The gameplay is completely different, as are the characters and level design and all that. One of the things that has helped me the most in creating this game is that I’ve started making checklists and writing down ideas in advance. With all my older games I just went with whatever worked, whereas with Flashback I am writing everything down that I can think of — puzzle mechanics, the story, achievements, etc.

I honestly feel that that is what has pushed me to work on the game so much the past couple of months (it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I started this version of the game from scratch once again). As a bit of a teaser, I thought I would show you a list that I had written up when I started the engine in January, which can no longer be called my to-do list seeing as everything on it has been programmed, designed, implemented, and bug tested. Everything listed below has been finished, plus some more things not on the list (such as the 50 achievements, 19 stats, 11 skins, a level editor, etc).

To-Do List:

          1. Interactive gameplay elements engine
                    a. Levers
                    b. Lasers
                    c. Laser sensors
                    d. Conveyor belts
                    e. Buttons
                    f. Wall toggles
                    g. Computer consoles
                    h. Enemies
                    i. Stones (can be reset)
                    j. Boxes (can’t be reset)
                    k. Glass
                    l. Tutorial guy
                    m. Collectable orbs
          2. Keyboard features
                    a. Button that resets only the player
                    b. Button that resets everything but player
                    c. Crouching (mainly for levers)
          3. Animations
                    a. Character animations (player, enemies, etc)
                    b. New door animation for both start and finish
          4. Additional engines
                    a. Laser engine (laser, sensors)
                    b. Physics engine
                    c. Dialog engine (tutorial, story, achievements)
          5. Misc.
                    a Level Editor

Lastly, I’d like to show you a checklist of things that I made for the game as well, just to show you how I’ve thought about the faults in Hindsight and what I would like to do with Flashback better.

Game Checklist:

          [  ] – NO trial and error
          [  ] – Replayability
                    [X] – Awards/Unlockables
                    [X] – Achievements
                    [X] – Stats
                    [  ] – Multiple endings/player driven story
          [X] – Revamped engine
                    [X] – Movement
                    [X] – Graphics
                    [X] – Options (graphics and sound)
          [X] – In-depth story
                    [X] – Characters
                    [X] – Plot
                    [X] – Tutorial that fits the story
          [X] – Puzzle features
          [X] – Slow level progression to introduce new mechanics
          [  ] – Theme: Darkness
                    [X] – Graphics
                    [  ] – Sound
                    [X] – Story
          [  ] – Increase game run speed
          [  ] – Extensive testing on both slow and fast computers

          [  ] – Submit to Steam after everything else has been completed

Stay tuned for a closed beta testing of Flashback! It’ll be a few more months, probably, as it’s only in the early alpha stages at the moment, but hit me up on Twitter (@turboRamble) if you’re interested.

-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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