Yes, a new game! It’s a platform puzzle game that takes an old concept and makes it into something new and unique. There are 60 [SIXTY] overall levels; 40 of them that are unlockable. The graphics are simplistic yet I have heard from several testers that the game is addicting. I would also like to mention quickly that Matthew Davis contributed very nicely with tons of feedback, testing, ideas, and even the character graphic (the cute little green guy that you control).

Quotes are below:

  • NightsOfLight: “Good job, really enjoyed that!”
  • Matthew Davis: “That’s probably my favorite game by you yet.”
  • Jono20201: “Shame this isn’t a flash game. [It] would be great to sell to a flash site.” (also) “Well, that was a fun 2 hours.”
  • Ninjutsu63: “The game was surprisingly fun and addictive [and] the graphics were very crisp and elegant.”
  • TimeBlog: “I can’t beat level 7! Five stars, anyway. Definitely quality.”
  • iluvfuz: “You made this? This is incredible.”
  • Zachary Bruno: “That is a REALLY cool game.”


  • “One of Nathan’s best games I think.”
  • “Don’t make it easier. This is fun!” (about level 8 )

Well, what are you waiting for?! Screenshots? Oh. Wait. Heh heh…

So, NOW what are you waiting for? Umm… enough with that. Here’s the download link:

Enjoy! I know I did (*ahem*…. until today. Spent 8 hours straight finishing it).



About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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  1. iluvfuz says:

    You made this? This is incredible. It sounds, looks, and feels smooth and beautiful and I love the style and the gameplay. Very nice job with this! I have yet to play all 60 levels, but it has somewhat of a similarity in feeling to SuperCasey’s Lab 14: Take that as a compliment–it’s similar, but not the same.

    Again, good job!

    • turboRamble says:

      Thanks so much! I knew that people would find it similar to Lab 14 and “This is the Only Level” and games of that sort, but I hoped the elements I included would make it unique enough.

      Basically, I wanted to combine old elements (invisible objects and gravity changers) as well as see how many levels I could get off of 1 level. It’s more an experiment than anything. I’ll be gone most of July starting on Saturday, but when I get back I may add a level select for toggle mode as well as a level editor. Depends on how it does while I am gone.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. That is a REALLY cool game. Nice! I see that you’ve used the space-ship graphic from your previous game. I can’t get past level 8. Is that bubble thing use-able?


    • turboRamble says:

      Thanks! I decided to use the space ship lighting effects in this since I’m not too sure if I’ll ever release the final for Sonar, plus it helps show where your vision ends (it’s not entirely accurate, it’s more of an estimate). It’s really just for show.

      Level 8 is the only platforming intensive level in the entire game. You just need to jump carefully so you don’t hit the blocks above you.

      Thanks for playing!

  3. turboRamble says:

    Quick news: Hindsight is currently #3 highest rated for all categories on YoYoGames of all time! If you could make a quick account there and rate it to support it further, that’d be awesome. If the rating stays like this when it hits 100 plays, there’s a good chance of it getting a feature! Right now it’s the #1 platform game of all time.

    Also, I’m leaving today and will be gone basically all month. I will be back a couple days in between, but not much. See ya guys!


    P.S. Take good care of Hindsight while I’m gone. 😛

  4. Heart Notes says:

    Okay, how the heck do I beat level 8? I’ve gotten to the fourth block and now I don’t know what to do.

    • turboRamble says:

      Sorry for the late reply, but level 8 is actually one of the only platforming levels in the whole game. You need to carefully hop from one block to another and work your way up and over to the exit. It’s not so much a puzzle level as it is… well, trial and error, the whole problem with the game. 😛

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