I’ve been programming a ton in Visual Basic Express ’08 lately. I had fun making a (secret program) that does awesome (secret) things while still being (secret). If that’s too secret for you and has made you extremely curious–just check out my Twitter. It’s not too (secret) there.

I want to quickly mention a project that is being developed for YoYoGames‘ competition06 (speaking of which–yes, it’s here already). The title at the moment is “Around the World in 33 Days” (from the website “iluvfuz“) and is expected to have 33 levels (hence the name). Since the competition theme is adventure, expect to see a lot in this game (or it has no chance of winning). Seriously, just by looking at the graphics this looks like it will be a huge contender. Credit goes to @Broxter for originally posting the link on Twitter about the game. Some of the images the creator posted are below:




Please note that I *DID NOT* make this game.

The graphics seem to cater directly to my tastes, and the aliasing has been done here (almost) perfectly. I only have a few critiques: the ground (a friend brought this one up; otherwise I may or may not have noticed on my own) has not been aliased nearly as much as the background and player. By aliasing (basically, it means blending) the edges of the ground, it could look fit the graphic scheme better.

Also, the interface seems too cluttered. Yes, I know not is much on the screen. However, if you look closely at the second screenshot you’ll notice how large the player is in comparison to the interface (stats and all that) and the screen size. It leaves almost no room for the game itself. As the game is supposed to be (and should be) an adventure game, in my opinion, it’s kind of hard to explore when you can see next to nothing around you. However, an easy way to fix this problem would be to add the ability to zoom in and out on the player (if the controls could be played with a bit).

Lastly… hmm. Can’t remember what I was going to say after finishing up the previous paragraph. I had a third point to suggest improvement for, but now I can’t seem to remember it at all. I’ll either comment later or edit this post when I finally remember it. I hate when that happens; especially on a review.

Please also note that all these critiques were based off of screenshots posted on the creator’s website; not me actually getting the chance to play the game. I do look forward and plan to be one of the first to play it when it does come out, though, and if it’s as good as I hope and expect it to be, then I may write another quick review on it.


P.S. Ah, now I remember. I also think that, if the game could be zoomed out a bit so the interface would be less hindering, the creator could add a small mini map in order to make exploration a bit less frustrating. However, that detail is only important if the game has multiple directions to explore and is not completely linear, which it looks as though it is.


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I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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  1. iluvfuz says:

    Thanks for the helpful post, my response is here: http://iluvfuz.blogspot.com/2010/06/first-collect-level-is-complete-i-guess.html#comments

    I will definitely release a demo sometime and, if you want, you can critique off of that 😛

    • turboRamble says:

      (said the same thing in reply on the blog)

      No problem! And it’s a shame that the ground can’t be blended in a bit better, but I understand what you mean. It’s not too noticeable, and I’m sure that in the final version no one will care.

      Sounds good man, and keep it up! I know how hard it can be to keep working on a huge game… I certainly have yet to succeed.


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