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  2. Zachary says:

    Hey Nathan! That would be cool that you are changing your blog. I’ve done some major changing to it, and after a bunch of revisions, I have to say–a little color with a white background has to be the sharpest look I’ve come across. Check out my blog to see what I mean! (My dad and I have no doubt that apple.com uses white for their background to make their colorful products stand out, I think your games would too =))

    Anyway, just a thought,

    • turboRamble says:

      For some reason Blogger keeps saying that your site (the one linked to on the comment) does not exist…?

      Yeah, I’m thinking of changing the entire layout. I want it to fit the games much better, and make browsing a ton easier as well as nicer looking. I may add borders to the images for the game downloads, and have them kind of swirly instead of straight edges.

  3. Zachary says:

    Nice! Looks like a great template! Yes, the url had an error; the ‘r’ in ‘Zachary’ was missing. =)


  4. iluvfuz says:

    Aw, what a shame ending Sonar. I was just playing it and I think there’s still a lot of potential for it.

    To start with, enemies should be able to completely die after hitting them twice or touching them while they’re damaged. Also, it’s necessary to have different types of enemies–ones that shoot at you, teleport close to the player, form a triangle that you can’t touch, etc. Adding a new enemy every 2 or 3 waves should be good enough to keep the gameplay interesting. Lastly, powerups would be pretty interesting–having temporary abilities such as shooting a laser, faster acceleration/deceleration, +10 health, +1 level, more damage, faster speed, etc.

    I hope you consider reviving Sonar 😮

    Good luck with the upcoming website change. I don’t really see what’s wrong with it, but that’s probably why I’m not a website designer 😉

    • turboRamble says:

      Haha, actually, this was the website change.

      I just don’t feel too motivated at the moment to finish it. There’s a fair chance I’ll pick it up again in the future (but for that to be a possibility, I better add some comments for my code….), and if so I’ll be sure to use these ideas. Hitting them while they’re disabled sounds like a great mechanism, as well as the other suggestions. I had considered powerups, but couldn’t think of enough drops that could be useful for the player. If I do expand the game, I’ll be sure to make some more enemy types (teleporting and shooting enemies being some of them; I’ve actually had those in a previous game before, but who cares). The game does slowly speed up for each level, but maybe damage (if I got off my lazy butt and made health for some of the enemies) and the other ideas mentioned would be good.

      Thanks for the helpful feedback; I do plan to at least update the game in the near future with the new graphic scheme, improved tutorial, highscores, etc. I liked how the graphics came out and I want to showcase them a bit more than just screenshots; the only thing holding me back are the stupid window dialog forms (which I hate). I need to create a quick custom writer engine so the user can enter a username for highscores…. I’ll finish it eventually.

      Thanks again!


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