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  1. Zachary says:

    Hey Nathan! Just wanted to suggest something….

    If you could make a line or something to show where the pod is pointing so that one can see where it will disable the spinner robots. Sometimes I try to disable them and I end up disabling blank space on the opposite side of the spinner robots.

    Hope this helps,

  2. turboRamble says:

    Thanks! You’re actually not even close to being the first to say that, so I’ve already had the time today to fix that. Also, I’ve changed the graphics drastically so it’s no longer retro; instead it’s a smooth, clean HD feel. Made it much more futuristic looking 🙂

    I’ll make a post later with a screenshot showing the updated version. I’m adding scores now as well as balancing issues and some other things. Only things left are the menu and an updated enemy sprite. Programming is going well, as well as sound effects. I don’t think I’ll finish it today, but possibly tomorrow. I want to make sure the gameplay is solid before publishing the final.

  3. sleepy_person says:

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  4. vazor says:

    Fun, simple, good. Not much to complain about except the repetitive waves. Cool little energy meter, and good ideas for the actions you can make in the game. The solar flare was a minor annoyance since it was so loud and the white conflicted with the important white for the user and enemies. Nice music choice and overall style.

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