Yes, yes, I know. Hold the applause. New game!

Heck, it’s not even done and I’m giving this announcment. If you’ve read the previous post I made (the one about YoYoGames’ competition) then you’ll know I have been working on a new game for the competition. Frantically. Although I have till March 30th 2010 to finish my game, I have been working as fast as possible to get the game engine up and running. If you want, I even posted a demo on a site I’m really active in, called GameCOG. You can view the project here; the demo was release after working on the game for a total of a week, so much has been changed already. You can see a list of updates I’ve made, am working on, and plan to do all on this page. However, I don’t plan to release another version of the game until the competition deadline, so by updates I mean updates I’ve made without uploading again.

Some of the biggest updates I’ve made since the demo release are listed below:

  • Blocks are now clearer; a lot less blurred (they look cleaner now)
  • The red and white flashes are easier to see; but you can still see what’s under them
  • The arrow glitch of multiples appearing before the level ends is fixed
  • The keys “R” and “F4” have been eliminated per the competition rules
  • Escape now brings you to a menu; options for resuming, restarting, a working level select, reseting the game, and a help page

So most of the things complained about in-game are fixed. Everything will be much easier to understand, so please just bear with me. Below are some screenshots from the update I’m working on, NOT the demo:

Yup…that’s basically it. Remember, if you want to play Concrete’s demo you can go to BTW, I have the most points on it because I’m awesome. (if you scroll down on the homepage, look at the points leaderboard – yup, turboRamble. That happens to be me)



About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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  1. Great website! Love the content you have on here. Please keep up the good work and I will be sure to visit quite often. Thanks much!

  2. Luigi Fulk says:

    Great website! Love the content you have on here. Please keep up the good work and I will be sure to visit quite often. Thanks much!

  3. […] I would really like to finish up Concrete. It had some great core gameplay, again, I just need to add more levels, stats, and achievements. I […]

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