Recently I received a reading challenge (lots of r’s…anyone know of an R word that can replace challenge?). A person by the username “Warsock” (great name, by the way) asked this:

“Is it possible to read a book and understand it, but only read every other chapter?”

Oh, and Warsock, I’m not sure if that was actually a challenge, but I’m going to take it as one. So I’m going to read a popular book (one I haven’t read before) and attempt to understand it without actually reading the other half. I’ll post here when done and describe the storyline I read.

My first dilemma, however, is whether I should start on the first or second chapter. If I read the first chapter, I get introduced to a bunch of characters I’ve never heard of, but if I read chapter two I’ll be able to read the final chapter, the conclusion….any suggestions?

Also, I need a good idea for a book (preferably under 400 pages…it’s going to be hard to get through this). So if anyone here knows of a good, popular book (not Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Narnia, or anything like that that I’ve aready read).

Comment on this post to help me out!

-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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  1. tarruella says:

    Sounds like a great challenge, I’d like to take the challenge too. Want to read the same book but alternate chapters and then compare results ?

    I was about to start a book from Anthony Horowitz: “The Falcon’s Malteser” that a friend passed me. Would that interest you?

    • turboramble says:

      “The Falcon’s Malteser,” eh? Never heard of it, so I’ll have to take it out of the library first. Do you know how many pages it has in it? Because currently I’m reading another series, so I don’t want to take too much time off it :] Anyway, thanks for the idea, I’ll check it out. If nobody suggests which chapter to start on (1 or 2) I’ll probably start with 2. Would it be okay for me to send you an email (no spam, don’t worry) and coordinate this? You could write about your experience, and I could write about mine, then I put it here in a single blog post?

      -turboRamble [Nathan Wood]

      EDIT: I just checked my library’s website, and they don’t have that book. Any other ideas? I’d still love to follow up on your idea.

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