Alright, haven’t posted in a bit. Hmm. Don’t know what to say. Psssssych! 2 new [finished] games, 1 new [almost finished] game, plus a Facebook group that’s been around….for a while.

  1. 2020 – YES. I’ve finished it, and it was released in final mode on Saturday night. The comp results should come in on this next Saturday, so I’m excited. 20 levels, 3 arcade difficulties, 6 awards, 6 enemies, 2 bosses, online highscores, 3 weapons, 6 enemy drops, and wave after wave of oncoming enemies! Enjoy this one. [link in title]
  2. Paperfest – A short but challenging minigame/arcade shooter based off 2020. After working with 2020 non-stop for a month I couldn’t help it. I had to make a paper based black-and-white game. Really. I couldn’t help it. So this is another submission to GameCOG’s competition.
  3. Facebook Group – Ha, I’ve made one for turboRamble, finally. Has artwork (some from here, but also some bonus ones). Also has announcments, threads, etc.
  4. Pixel – I’ve released this on YoYo Games, though I’m not quite ready to release it here yet. Has auto-saving, 8 awards, 4 achievements, infinite waves, 6 enemies, stats, and online highscores. Almost completed…just need to work out a few kinks first.

I’ll upload the different games here really soon, probably once Pixel is released, so that I can do it all at once instead of multiple times.



About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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