Want to learn how to better blend? For this tutorial, you will need to create a 32×32 canvas (white) on which to begin. We will be doing it pixel by pixel, so you may want to zoom in a bit. If you have any problems, you can copy one of the ones below. All of the graphics below can be easily created using the built-in image editing software Game Maker comes with, or you can use your preferred software.

As said, for the following you will need a 32×32 canvas to begin on.


First, draw a circle that is 30×30 (with a 1 pixel border on all sides).


Then, create the basic outline around the main image. To create this color, go about 1/3 down on the white-black scale, making a light gray shade on both sides.


Next, go two lines farther in by going slightly darker with each line. This is how we will progress from now on.


Again, slightly darker as you go in farther.


By this time you may have noticed a difference in lengths one the two different sides. If so, just edit until the center part looks circular.


Just keep correcting as you go.


If there is any problem at all with the shape of the center (like it starts to look like a square) then try to correct it.


Ah, yes, the final image. Because of the way we did this, you should be able to see a blurred “X” in the center just barely. So now you know how to create a nice, neat, and easy-to-do sphere when ever you want.


Yep, I even cooked up another tutorial, only shorter. It depicts the difference when you blur objects into the background. Focus on the center lines for this one, nothing else.

This is the base image. You do not need to create it, but I enjoy making outlines around the area in which I draw.


The lines here are what you need to focus on. Here, the apear to just be lines.


As you can see here, I went slightly lighter. Although this made them bigger, it also creates an interesting effect.


Now here you can see that I doubled the blur layer. It doesn’t hurt to do this most of the time, but sometimes it ruins the picture. Be careful when you do it, because you wouldn’t want to have to start over from scratch!


Lastly, I’ve decided to include a bonus picture – a turret that is going to be in Planets.


See, by blending the colors here I made it possible to give the turret a 3D look. You can download this and edit it all you want – just remember to give credit if used.

-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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