The plot for this one is pretty good overall. It starts out showing Logan and Victor as kids a couple centuries prior to the time period that the rest of the movie is based in (present time). It shows them fighting through the different wars-civil, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc. They get captured by a man called William Stryker and join a group of mutants that are on a mission looking for a special rock. Of course, though, Logan doesn’t have the heart to kill the people there and thus leaves the group.

Logan gets hunted down by Styker and Victor, and becomes invincible because of the rock (called adamantium). He gets revenge of Victor, while recruiting the help of Gambit. They go to the island where mutants are being captured and taken, and Logan (now Wolverine) has to battle the enhanced Deadpool. After an intense fight, Wolverine defeats Deadpool with the help of Victor. Victor falls off of a building and that’s the last you see of him. Wolverine gets shot and loses his memory and the movie is over.

Don’t you just hate it when a hero can’t kill? I mean, where’s the excitement in that? I have to admit, many times I am hoping the hero will turn evil. It would just add some extra excitement to it all. The movie was pretty fast going, but it was pretty good.

Sorry if this ruined you wanting to see it, but I thought it might get me more hits.

-Nathan Wood


About turboRamble

I am a seventeen-year-old who enjoys programming games and applications, as well as reading and writing.

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